Xtheme IRC Services

Xtheme IRC Services

Xtheme is feature-packed, fast, efficient, customisable, extendable and ubiquitous. Xtheme is a leader in revolutionary new features, stability and dependability.

Current Version: v8.0.2 (Stable)
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A lot of trusted, stable networks have used Atheme. Networks such as freenode, EsperNet and DarkMyst are all relying on Atheme IRC services, which Xtheme is forked from and enhanced.


Even something as featureful as Xtheme might not have everything your network needs. For those cases, Xtheme offers both an extremely clean C API and a powerful, well-structured Perl interface. Extending services has never been easier!

Fast & Efficient

The Internet is faster than ever before. Computers are exponentially speedier than any time in the past. Shouldn’t your IRC services be fast too? Xtheme IRC services not only are lightning fast, but are also the most scale able modern IRC services package available.

Friendly Support

Xtheme IRC Services provides support & collaboration on the following IRC networks:
IRC4Fun irc.IRC4Fun.net in Chat #Xtheme


Freenode chat.freenode.net in Chat #Xtheme.

Why Xtheme vs Anope, GNUworld, X3, etc?

Database encryption methods are modern in Xtheme versus a lot of other popular services packages. Xtheme IRC Services offers newer and better encryption methods for it’s database (and you and your users!)


We’re currently looking for talented, team-oriented individuals with an interest in Xtheme and IRC development to join the Xtheme Development Group, or simply to contribute to Xtheme. Please feel free to join us on IRC and discuss more.

Resources / Guides

  • READ ME (Read before asking for support)
  • INSTALL (Helpful information for INSTALLing)
  • MODULES (What all those shiny, special config options & features DO) [under construction]
  • NEWS (Changes, Additions & Removals and other NEWS)
  • WIKI (Command SYNTAX/Help and Guides)


Xtheme supports linking to over fifteen different IRC daemons. Most popularly: UnrealIRCd 3.2*/4, InspIRCd, Charybdis and more!


Xtheme comes prebundled with over 250 modules and you can find over 50 additional modules in our contributed modules repository on GitHub.


Xtheme has all the features you’ve come to expect from modern IRC services, such as BotServ and HostServ, as well as innovative new features, such as GroupServ, ChanFix and InfoServ. SWI (Web Panel) is also compatible with Xtheme and most Atheme forks.

What has changed?

This question is asked quite often, and we understand the curiousity. The changes implemented into Xtheme IRC Services since it was forked from Atheme are visible in two places: We try to mention most if not all changes in the NEWS.md file as well as the Commit History.

Note-worthy New Features:


  • ChanServ FLAGS output no longer shows AKICKs, as they have their own list. (This is especially helpful to channels with PUBACL set, so that bans are not easily evaded.)
  • ChanServ:FREEZE
  • ChanServ:MASS (MASS (de)Voice, Halfop, Op, Protect, Owner)
  • ChanServ:NOOP (Only ChanServ or BotServ Bot can be operator in a channel, and all operator commands must be issued through ChanServ.)  (Helps to lower “channel temperatures”)
  • ChanServ:SUSPEND (Suspended users will now be notified when they join channels their flags/access has been suspended in, as of Xtheme 8.0.0)


  • Request: Does not allow duplication of currently active vHosts.
  • New config option vhost_change allows Network Staff to set how often (in days) a user must wait before using REQUEST or TAKE to change their vHost.



  • ZLINE management via OperServ
  • NETLOG (similar to Anope’s LOGUSERS)
  • INFO output is now categorized and more intuitive.

And More-


SWI is a Services Web Interface (Web Panel) for Xtheme IRC Services (and most Atheme forks) written in PHP and maintained and developed by the Xtheme Development Group. SWI is known to be completely 100% compatible with Xtheme IRC Services and brought to you by the same Development group.

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