SWI (Services Web Interface)

Services Web Interface (SWI)

Xtheme (and atheme & compatible atheme forks) IRC Services meets the World Wide Web. Manage your channels, your user settings, groups, memos, botserv bots, even your network access list, akills and more from SWI (Services Web Interface).

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SWI provides a light-weight but well-polished web interface to Xtheme Services as well as Atheme Services and compatible forks.

Live Demo

A live Demo is currently unavailable – however, we will have a Live Demo available soon!


  • You are running Xtheme IRC Services/Atheme IRC Services or a compatible Atheme fork.
  • Xtheme / atheme or atheme fork’s httpd & xmlrpc modules must be loaded and running
  • Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx and any other web server that supports some form of URI re-writing.

Installation & Support

We really recommend reading the README.md thoroughly. It will tell you how to install and customize based on your situation.

If you need support, please ensure you have read the README.md before asking for help in #Xtheme on chat.freenode.net.

New Features

  • Configure whether to show +qah in flags assistance to users based on how the network is configured.
  • ReCaptcha v2
  • GroupServ console & functionality added (optional)
  • Facebook & Twitter links for networks (optional & customizable)
  • Current Sessions page added to main dashboard
  • BotServ consoles added: BOTLIST, ASSIGN, UNASSIGN and BOT MANAGEMENT (add/change/delete) for Services Operators
  • HostServ WAITING list added to OperServ dashboard (optional)
  • ChanServ WAITING list added to OperServ dashboard for networks running chanserv/moderate with Atheme (optional & customizable)
  • ChanServ Settings page
  • NickServ Settings page
  • ChanServ Settings page
  • ChanServ AKICK List cosmetic updates
  • Various cosmetic improvements to output
  • Core framework updates for newer versions of PHP
  • Renamed configuration file so that updates do not overwrite the config files
  • Work and plans started for SWI v3.4.* series

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