Xtheme 8.0.0-dev3 (stable) released!

We’re thrilled to announce that Xtheme IRC Services v8.0.0-dev3 has been released!

This update to Xtheme 8 provides bug fixes, new functionality, as well as improvements to current functionality.  It is recommended that users upgrade to Xtheme v8.0.0-dev3 for all of the new features and functionality since the Xtheme 7 series, plus this Xtheme 8 development release is known to be stable.

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Xtheme.org, New Designs & Newsletter System

We’ve moved the Xtheme Development Group back to Xtheme.org & New Newsletter System

We’ve moved all of the Xtheme Development Group websites back to Xtheme.org (we are thankful to GitHub Pages for hosting our sites before) and also installed a new Newsletter system, which is much better and also hosted by us.

*Some previous subscribers to the old Xtheme Newsletter system were lost (our apologies).  Please feel free to resubscribe if you are unsure.  You will be notified if you are already subscribed.

All Xtheme Development Group (XthemeOrg) projects also got “face-lifts” and enhancements to their sites’.

Xtheme IRC Services SWI GitHub

Stay tuned for more news, which is coming soon!